The Tripod is a new type of the baby activity gym which has never been seen before..!

Our wooden baby activity Tripod is a folding apparatus (baby gym) for hanging toys and mobiles over your child as he or she lay on their back on a comfy cushion or blanket. The activity Tripod is hand made with layers of laminated wood, which gives it tremendous strength and durability while keeping it light weight with a gentle structure.


The Baby Activity Tripod

  • The Tripod is made of layers of laminated Beech, its top layer can be customized to be made of mainly Walnut, Oak or Mahogany veneer.  The technique of lamination gives the gym strength despite its gentle structure. It is simple to fold and light-weight for easy carrying. Toys can be esily hung and changed frequently (the Tripod does not include toys for hanging)
    Since the Tripod folds so easily, it is the perfect toy to bring along for a picnic in nature, or a visit with friends whose homes are not equipped for children.  While it is not in use, the Tripod takes up a minimum amount of space and can be easily stored. 
    Due to the strong materials and building techniques, this product can last for generations. 
    The tripod is coated with European standard natural oil which does not affect the texture or scent of the woods.

    The item comes in a nice fabric sack.

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