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Our wooden baby activity Tripod is a folding apparatus for hanging toys and mobiles over your child as he or she lay on their back on a comfy cushion or blanket. The activity Tripod is hand made with layers of laminated wood, which gives it tremendous strength and durability while keeping it light weight with a gentle structure.

The Tripod is a new type of the baby activity gym which has never been seen before. It is simple to fold and light-weight for easy carrying. It comes perforated and ready for hanging toys and dolls which can be changed at any given time.

Since the wooden activity Tripod folds so easily, it is the perfect toy to bring along for a picnic, or to a visit at friends whose homes are not equipped for infants. While it is not in use, the Tripod takes up a minimum amount of space and can be easily stored.

Due to the strong materials and building techniques, this product can last for generations. It is coated with European standard natural oil which does not affect the texture or scent of the wood and is toxins free and harmless to you and your baby.

Supplied in a nice fabric sack and does not include toys for hanging.

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What people are saying...

My Son LOVES this play gym. I purchased some crotchet vegetables (...) to hang from this clever little contraption and he has such a blast! It even came with a convenient take along bag that will allow for easy travel with his gym. I get so many compliments on it.

Holly D.

Got this for my daughter for Christmas. It is fantastic! Well made and beautiful. She loves to play with her toys underneath it! I'm sure we will use it for many months and with any future children. It is so well made I'm sure it will last! Also love the storage bag

Megan M. 

We are not fans of plastic, brightly colored things - this baby gym is so elegant & natural. Beautifully hand crafted, taking up almost no room. The wood feels like satin. It's sturdy, no danger of tipping. It even comes with a perfect little sheath for easy storage & transport. I like how you can hang what you would like from the little holes, changing the baby's visual experience

Maria S.

it is simple, beautiful and functional. So much baby stuff is cumbersome and one dimensional. So refreshing to find something collapsible and versatile. Once baby gets tired of toys, just change them

Gianna. M.


Safe and Healthy

Our natural, hand-made wooden activity center is made out of natural wood and is precisely sanded to be free of wood chips and shavings, making it safe for your baby. The wood is coated with toxin-free oil which keeps the wood nice and strong for years while keeping your baby safe from plastic and chemicals

setting up the activity center tripod

Strong and sturdy

Our activity Tripod is made out of three arches comprised of layers of natural hardwood such as oak, mahogany, birch and others. These layers are the essence of wood lamination and we do it all by hand with great craftsmanship. The laminated arch shape allows the activity Tripod to stand stable with a very small foot-print while remaining extremely sturdy.

Folded tripod. Easy to fold. Easy to carry

Light weight

We managed to make the activity Tripod so light weight that people are surprised it is made out of wood. Due to the art of wood lamination, it is possible to keep the arches thin and strong, keeping it extremely light without compromising its strength. 

The cloth carrying case allows for easy carrying and transportation

Baby ativity center with cute dolls


We ship virtually anywhere around the world. 

Countries which we have great experience in shipping to are USA, Canada and United Kingdom, but we are open for creating new worldwide routs and interested in reaching new destinations. Shipping fees will be estimated upon order and depending on destination.


We accept returns and exchanges (less the shipping costs).

Please contact us here within 14 days of delivery so we will be able to process your request. We expect to have the item shipped back to us within 30 days of contacting us.

When sending back an item please make sure it is packed well.


There is no minimum order amount. We appreciate any purchase, large or small.

Of course, we would love to see you purchase our Activity Tripod for your friends and family.

Some people even purchased two for themselves! one for each floor at home :)

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